LAER is a compact charging solution made for travel and working on the go. Specifically designed for luggage and bags. It functions both as a charging hub, allowing you to charge all your devices simultaneously from one socket and as a portable battery allowing you to charge all your devices on the go. It’s the first charging solution in the world that can safely charge any laptop using our proprietary technology.

The LAER battery cartridge

Bring as much power with you as you need. Airlines allow you to bring multiple batteries on board as long as they are under 100Wh so with our battery cartridge system you can fly with all the power you need! Choose between either 20,000mAh/74Wh or 10,000mAh/37Wh cartridges. Choose the amount of power and weight you want to carry with you that day.

The ARROE app

The ARROE app is a power management system for all your devices and LAER. Automatically customise the voltage and current to charge any laptop. Add new features with regular software and firmware updates.

Never worry about your battery again

Monitor LAER’s battery level from the ARROE app.

Turn ports on and off

Customise your charging and save a little power for later

Set reminders to charge LAER and get alerts when the battery drops below a certain %

See the number of charge cycles from your battery cartridge

In The Box Tech Specs

LAER with 20,000mAh (74Wh) battery cartridge

USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 60W charger and 2 m cable

Laptop cable (select your laptop brand at checkout) and 2m extension cable

Set of international adaptor plugs: Type A (US), Type C (Europe), Type G (UK), Type I (Australia)

Is your laptop connector in the box?

We supply connectors for most major laptop makes and models.

Please use the form below to confirm that your laptop connector is in the box. If it isn’t you can order a connector that fits your laptop on our website

About Us

Growing up in a transient environment pushed Eoin to constantly adapt to different environments and embrace a nomadic lifestyle. Throughout a 12 year career developing premium lifestyle brands and constantly travelling he realised that there was a gap in the market, for a power solution that would allow him to work on the go anywhere in the world and stay connected.. He decided to leave behind everything he knew to solve this problem for everyone and ARROE was born. He brought together a team of experts who shared his vision and they set to work inventing LAER, the world´s first universal charging solution, specifically designed for luggage and bags. Allowing you to free yourself from the wall socket.

Our Aim

ARROE exists to free you from the wall socket by creating an ecosystem of technology products that allow you to stay in charge all day every day. Our aim is to make our revolutionary technology available to anyone that wants to enjoy the freedom that we do and stay connected in a digital world.

The Team

Eoin Cooney


Randolph Manderstam


Dr. Niall McGuinness

Chief R&D Officer

Ryan Hartley

Chief Commercial Officer

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